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4 years old at Long Beach, California Gallaudet University track team - 880-yard run in 1:58.6 13 years as a racing cyclist Travelled by car with Cine in Mexico
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Welcome to Skedsmo’s Homepage

Ye Web surfers!  I am indeed very grateful that you are here.  I hope you will enjoy yourself and that you will return to this homepage with pleasant recollections of what you have seen.

I was a computer programmer for a brief time but pursued a career as a civil engineering technician for a long time.  Now I am retired since 2003.  I've always felt that the wording "HTML codes" is similar to being a programmer on a job.  I can somewhat understand inflating my "skillset" with items like HTML, typing, breathing, etc. so I enjoy this language during my golden years as a retiree.

The owner of domain name,, is already taken by my distant cousin who lives in Norway I believe.  It is now for sale at this time but I am keeping my domain name

Have a happy web browsing!

All the best,  Bobby

Desert in Arizona - 2017

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